The capitol invasion 2021

Today at exactly 7:32PM thereabout, protesters stormed the capitol building in the united states which is one of the sacred building in the USA sitting the  U.S. government, home to the domed United States Capitol, Senate, Houses of Representatives and the neoclassical Supreme Court.

The outcome of the election was due to be validated by the house as espoused in the US constitution where they are expected to count the votes and make a final verdict on who the president would be by Jan 20th, 2021. Just a little over 7:30 when a debate was ongoing as Senator Ted Cruz had challenged the results from Arizona, the protesters stormed the building taking over the building, the offices and destroying properties.

 Sadly, a woman was shot, two improvised contraptions were recovered and properties damaged.

The protest was a result of the constant de-legitimization of the votes and election results by the current president who believed he had won the election. Before today, Trump who is the current president had lost around 50 court cases challenging the results and critical "lookers", election officials, justice department and analysts have mentioned that there wasnt a fraud large enough to have changed the outcome of the results.

However, for months, the president kept pushing the narrative of an election fraud and it caused some of the US citizens to along with the president demand for an overturning of the election results. Protests image below:

Why this post on a HR blog you may ask?
Culture... Organizational culture is top-down no matter the policies, processes, or in this case constitution or law enforcement in place. The behavior or the pulse or culture of the organization is not embedded in papers but in the leadership.

To improve your organizational culture;

1. Act don't only say it
2. Lead by examples
3. Lead from the back-end
4. Ensure leadership is involved in the project


As of now, the twitter account of the president has been restricted for 12 hours until some of the posts are removed. If Twitter can delete tweets coming from the most powerful president in the world, then you can imagine what damage leadership can cause..
Although required at the moment, going by the chaos at the Capitol hill but it begs for many answers.

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