How To Manage Employee Leave Requests Manually

Annual leave is paid time off work granted by employers to employees to be used for whatever the employee wishes usually after the employees probationary period or as determined by the employer in line with the labor laws of the location.

One of the questions I have received many times from young professionals is how they can manage their employee Leave Request without being bias. It is also important that this is in the absence of an employee management system that makes it easier for you to manage all employee data from on-boarding to retirement.

Many HR software like PeopleHR and HiBob offers a very unique way to manage leave requests.
For example, with PeopleHR, your leave entitlement is calculated depending on the number of working days you have spent with the company i.e when you spend a month, you earn around 1.5 days leave so if you had spend 3 months, you may be entitled to 5 working days. HiBob is not quite different as well.

In order to go straight to the point, here is an easy way to manage your employees leave request and approval manually without being biased.

A new employee; Robert, who resumed 3 months ago had requested to go on leave immediately after his probation period in order to take some time off and unfortunately, the resident  HR do not have a HR software, here is a simple way to calculate how many days he is entitled to.

All employees have = A total of 21 working days annual leave for example
Employee Robert = Ideally is entitled to 21 working days annual leave
Employee Robert = Has worked for only 3 months and wants to proceed on leave
HR with Line Manager = Spread the 21 days to capture all 12 months in a year (annual)
HR with Line Manager = Will then prorate the entitlements to capture just the three months worked

This means that;

~ 21 working days divided by 12 months = 1.75 days annual leave entitlement for each month
~ 1.75 monthly entitlement multiplied by number of months worked and in this case = 3 months
~ Robert has an employee is entitled to = 1.75 * 3 months = 5 working days after working 3 months.

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