The Job Candidate Thought It Was a Romantic Date.

There are good recruiters and job interviewers who would make you feel very relaxed and settled-in at a job interview. Their aim is to put you at your best in a relaxed state so that they can squeeze as much value as they can out of you. They know that it is when a job seeker is calm, that you are at your best.
The mistake is that, in my experience, over 70% of candidates throw caution to the wind believing the interview had turn into a date.

I believe many of these candidates are used to the "military" style of interview that they think once you are made to relax, it means it's all fun, and date, and chit chat, and jokes (slouching, talking too much) etc.

I blame the Monster HR who acts "almighty" and who treats candidates with so much disdain making those candidates to see a comfortable interview session as something unusual thereby throwing away all politeness, firmness, directness, rectitude, professionalism etc.

Never blame a candidate you find in this situation, blame the experience he or she had with these Monster HR and only when we all begin to treat others with dignity do we actually have the right to judge and rate them.

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