How To Get Jobs or Change Jobs in 2019

One of the most efficient ways to get jobs & or change jobs in 2019 is to build your support network.

I, along with other professional friends have experimented with this and it works. In fact, based on common agreement among HR professionals, it is easier to get a sound job through the people you surround yourself with - your net worth.

This doesn't mean you get jobs on a platter of gold but your network expose you to opportunities especially when you are a competent referral.

This means that along with growing a sound network, you equally have to invest powerfully in your value and your brand because you are a product.

So, in order to achieve this, reach out to new professional friends, join professional clubs, professional groups, seize opportunities when you attend events and comment on post like this to enhance your visibility.

Trust me, it works and it has been tested & proven on a one-of-a-kind HR professional WhatsApp group called "HR Trend" strictly for HR professionals.

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  1. Thanks for the eye opener write up Mr. Adetunji Bademosi.

    Please I'll love to join the HR professional whatsapp group stated above "HR Trend" as I practice HR too. My whatsapp contact is 0808 118 4593.

    Thank you.
    Adewunmi Ezekiel Olusegun(LinkedIn name).