Why Residential Address is Important When Seeking Employment

The residential address of a job seeker or recruitment candidate is highly important as it is a means through which your potential employer may want to send your contract letter to you. There have been several stories of candidates contact number not being reachable due to several possible reasons and in this kind of situation, your residential address may just be the only saving grace.

It is also important that while attempting to put in the right address, that you ensure that the right postcodes is used and that your National courier company can pick up your address through their route optimization software. Here is how to check:

Ensure the following is correct:

1. House number.
2. Street name.
3. Area name.
4. The city.
5. The state.
6. More importantly, a landmark.
7. Then the postcodes.

To verify that what you have added is correct,  you may log on to your National courier provider or a prominent courier provider for verification.
For Nipost, kindly check by clicking on this page: Verify Your Residential Address

This is very important as this may cost candidates their employment.

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