Upturned Recommendation

I recently participated in a training on Procurement where one of our facilitators had over 30 years’ experience and came highly rated. We were excited to learn from him, but in the course of the training he turned out to be proud and talkative. This upset a lot of participants and they began to leave the training venue.

The CEO of the training institute was informed about the situation and he came to the training venue to seek our opinion on whether the facilitator should be removed or not. Most of us answered in the affirmative except for a lady who pleaded on his behalf and promised to talk to him. She spoke with him about our opinion of his training style and he apologized the next day. At the end of the training he was rated the highest amongst other facilitators and became the toast of everyone. But who got the credit? The lady who pleaded on his behalf.

In life, we are quick to form and spread negative impressions about people that irk us the wrong way. We generally don’t give room for second chances and are quick to condemn than commend. We fail to realize that a single “YES” can upturn one hundred “NOs” and bring about lasting change.

As professionals we sometimes allow our immediate emotions rule over logic thereby making erroneous conclusions or decisions. Nobody is perfect, not even you. Be willing to help people in their moments of weakness and give them second chances. If not, you just might be pushing a talent away from you.

One good view of a bad situation can actually make a whole lot of difference. Being gracious to others can actually create new directions and give a new lease of life.
As you step out today, don’t go with a fixated mind-set or be stiff on rules.
Be flexible and help people in their moments of weakness.

Written by:
Adeyemi Ajayi

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