The Dignity And Career Path In Dispatch Riding

One of the jobs I have always advised job seekers, any graduate or anyone who is looking for a paid job is; dispatch riding. The reason why I feel comfortable prescribing this option would be shared shortly especially in a very simple way we can all understand.
In the mean time, here is a background.

Logistics, the new oil.
We are in a period where ecommerce is booming and where business owners and budding entrepreneurs as well as investors are investing in the technology i.e ''buying and selling online'' industry in Nigeria. The industry is massive although with its attendant challenges. However, these challenges are actually the pull factors for those who are seeking to find a solution to it while also cashing out on investment.

To put simply, tech is growing, ecommerce is growing, as a result, the logistics industry is growing and there is so much to do, hence the reason why an unemployed graduate may also want to get involved in the career.

Note the following:
1. KFC owner started as a small chef and learnt the business.
2. Howard Schultz was a server in a small coffee bean before starting Starbucks.
3. John Paul DeJoria a billionaire who was a hair care assistant before launching his own.

So sometimes, in order to become the person who bakes the cake, you have to learn how the cake is baked and being a dispatch rider gives that opportunity to actually learn the dynamics of logistics.

Some of the skills a dispatch rider would learn on the job are:
1. Route optimization.
2. Map reading and coordinates.
3. Organizational skills and an ability to think on your feet which is required as a leader. It trains your brain to think swiftly.
4. Accounting, invoicing and documentation.
5. Customer service skills.
6. The pros and cons involved in logistics and a general understanding of the logistics business.

Most times, as is usually the case, you grow to be a supervisor, an actual dispatcher, a logistics officer, a fleet manager, a logistics business owner etc. There is a career movement from step 1 to step 2 which is important when making career decisions.

My point:
While there are many other options for an unemployed graduate or any job seeker to take from, I still find it very comfortable and convenient to advise people to look at this option.

Cons (Disadvantages):
a. It is not sales where you get unreasonable targets.
b. It isnt security guards where you may be feeling shameful.
c. It is not marketing where you have to trek the whole of Lagos to get deals.

a. You get paid a basic or a variable pay as the case may be.
b. You ride and meet with several top-class customers.
c. It is more dignifying so to speak.
d. You get to learn those skills mentioned above.
e. There is a career path and a career trajectory depending on your passion and company.

Carriage matters:
How you portray yourself is how you would be addressed so there is a need to have a healthy mindset and a clear-cut plan of what you want to achieve and why you are doing the job.
An employee needs to be happy doing what they do and this would also reflect on what you gain and learn out of the experience because if your mind isn't right then the experience would be lost.

If you have anyone who is also interested, I may be able to forward their CVs to some of my friends in the business. Kindly mail


  1. Some unemployed graduates need to get down from their high horse and be humble to embrace this gold mine. Nice write up.

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