How To Sell Yourself

There are always opportunities to sell yourself and many people don’t know how to go about it. The truth is that if you don’t sell yourself, nobody will sell you!

From this, I will proceed to how to sell yourself during interviews. The question “introduce yourself to us” is an invitation to sell yourself to prospective employer.

There are 8 major ways to sell yourself and these are few I would like to share:

Your integrity

Your integrity indicates your level of openness, transparency and sense of values. It is a sense of commitment to high level of morals and the ability to stand by your conviction. Integrity is a personal value that earns you recognition.

At a dinner with former Head of HR in Deloitte, she asked me to carryout some tasks and I did with high level of sincerity. She was impressed and thereon became her little brother. She tells everyone that she gave me an opportunity and I didn’t mess us. As a young vibrant person, let your integrity be revealed to all. People will rather hire someone with integrity than someone with experience.

Your social strength
Wherever you are, network. Build social capital. This means that you should have circle of friends who can uphold your values and also add values to your life. People you meet should be properly assessed for the values you can cross pollinate.

The virtual world is becoming more popular and you van easily connect with people, but connect with the right people.

To connect with the right people, assess the opportunities you can offer and opportunities you can get. Don’t just meet people without connecting with them. In connecting make sure you keep in touch and be of high spirit to help.

Let people know who you are and what you stand for. What you stand for should be what attracts people. Your values in conversations and your willingness to offer solutions. Make sure you are seen as a solution provider rather than creator of problems.

Quality of your experience
Your quality of experience indicates the value that you can offer on the job. I prefer quality of experience more than years of experience. Quality of experience comes with demonstrating that you can offer value on a consistent basis.

Do not allow your mind to think years of years of experience is better than quality of experience. In 10 years, years of experience will disappear from job adverts. The rate of learnings and value creation goes a long way in defining what an employee can offer on the job. So, ask yourself this question .."what value am I really selling that is unique and different from what others offer?" If you cannot offer anything unique, then you can be termed a commoner.

Written by: Adeyemi Ajayi - Partner Peniel consulting

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  1. Making yourself available to other people definitely counts in making other people think that you have the abilities that people can buy you. Well the eight points that you mentioned can really be helpful.