Women... Men Are Not Superior

Women... men are not superior!.
It is my personal opinion that men and women are created equally.
That they both have the same right to breathe, to dream, to live, to pursue to acquire and to grow.

Against any research, I personally believe that the only thing that makes men generally superior to women is in their ''physical strength'' which in itself is a weakness in a life where mental superiority and personal impact is prized... Not that we are building any more Egyptian pyramids.

It is important however, that in our relationships, women should not think men as superior when it equally comes to emotions, feelings and sensitivity.

Okay I know this is a Hr blog but should we not as HR folks be interested in how people are fairing in their lives too?.

We are a result of our upbringing... of our homes... of our relationships and our web of significant others.

Our productivity at work or sometimes success in life is dependent on our homes, our crop of friends so I am interested in the well-being of everyone around me.

Your men need attention like you do, they need care, gifts and love. They are only superior in strength.

Culture seems to be the reason why an average African woman is solely dependent on the man for emotional and financial stability - a man is not superior to you.

Culture seems to the reason why an average African woman thinks there is a limit to where she can go - a man is not superior to you.

Culture seems to be the reason why a woman expects the man to read their minds - trust me no man is clairvoyant or a mind reader - he is not superior to you.

Culture seems to be the reason why a woman feels she is relegated to the kitchen and cannot have wonderful jobs because she is expected to be the one to take care of the kids - a man is not superior to you.

You are help mates and are expected to look out for each others needs and desires.
Don't be selfish with love and greedy with expectations.

Do the following;
1. Share your hurts with each other.
2. Apologize when wrong.
3. Communicate selflessly and without barriers.
4. Send him food for lunch at work, use https://food.jumia.com.ng/

More importantly, take care of your significant other. S/ he needs to be productive and stay happy. Wish each-other good fortunes, tell stories, dream together, plan together, be the person you want your partner to be.



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