Simple Guide To Changing Your HR From Transactional To Transformational

HR has since moved from performing transactional roles to a more strategic and transformational roles. Google, Facebook and some top international organizations do not even call it HR anymore. You will usually find them calling the HR department People Operations and here is why:

The harnessing of the human potential, the use of this potential to transform business and the ultimate goal of ensuring that the business strive in the ever changing business environment is at the helm of affairs in HR now.

To achieve this in your work place, the following are what you should do:

1. Less focus on documentation and administration. HR is past this.

2. Depend more on the use of data through questionnaires, FGD, One-one-one interviews with your employees to ascertain needs in terms of resources and work life generally. The more information you get the better.

3. Study trends and the business environment historically and currently too in order to identify consistent issues accustomed to your business.

4. Sit with management always to gain direction in terms of business.
Be curious about the following:
  • Where is the business going?
  • What are the expectations?
  • What are our important steps to achieving this?.
  • What should we be afraid of?
5. Recognize talent gaps (People should not stay too long where they are unhappy and skills should be consistently sharpened).

6. Think in terms of minimizing cost not at the detriment of your staff but in terms of excesses etc.

For me, the lesser you think of documents and admin the better for you.

7. Be interested in feedback from customers. A business organization wont have a direction without it. Customer feedback is the most important source of business strategy and plan.

What do you do differently in your work place?

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  1. HR is a very important depart in every organization. But the HR is working differently now. This was very valuable and informative. Thank you for sharing.