Three Things That Will Enhance Your Value At Your Workplace

Three things that will ensure your value at your workplace:

1. Self confidence - not pride or being delusional.

2. Communication - don't mistake this as talking too much.

3. Innovation - don't mistake this as being against process.


Self confidence here means a belief in yourself and your ability. Confident enough to know that you are not perfect, you are limited but constant improvement is key to your success.
You have to carry this around. A belief in possibilities, in your ability and a ritualistic act of self-education.

Communication is when you are able to pass a message across clearly to an audience both in writing and orally. This skill cannot be undervalued. In fact, it is one skill that is universal to all career choices. Learn it, practice it and be better at it.

Innovation is when you are able to constantly bring ideas that can improve a process not repel it. New ideas can discard old ones but your aim should be how to make something better not how something is not working.
You want to be valued at work and also value yourself? Constantly think of adding value.

This three are interrelated and you have to be able to practice all to become a better version of yourself.

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