Three Interview Questions That Have Proven Efficient For Me

These are my personal top three interview questions and I have mastered it so well that I often get the answers I need from the reaction, expression and body movement from the applicants.

I have been able to recruit for very basic roles and mid level roles in my experience but I think it can also be useful for other higher managerial positions if tweaked.

What I am always interested in is simple:

1. I want to know where the candidate see him or herself in two years.
This helps me to probe passion for the job or if the candidate just want a job.

2. I do a simple role play immediately at the interview to give me an insight into what knowledge this person actually has.
I think with the help of simulation assessment, knowledge of the job can be easily probe.

3. I also want to know this person personal values so I ask "What kind of person can you not work with". This a lot of candidates try to find their way around but from the answers I am able to discover personality types of candidates.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. These are very common questions, That I have been asked in each and every interview. In my opinion, whoever is going for an interview should know the answer of these questions.