Why You Should Build A Career In Tech

The demand for tech enthusiasts is fast becoming widespread plus this seems to be the gold mine all over the world. Entrepreneurs are building Apps, creating models, building websites, offering solutions that makes life easier. Tech for me is the new oil and it is something recent graduates or professionals should consider.

Ever imagined you could order food online or get your a taxi booked. Ever wondered if you could get trained for whatever skills you want, try Google Play for multiple Apps that offer these solutions and be amazed. Some other useful Apps include ExamPrep, Okada books among others.

The evolution of the IT Crowd
If you thought working in technology meant repeatedly asking people if they’d ‘tried switching it off and on again’ then it is time to think again. With businesses evolving and directing more funds towards areas that require staff with a diverse range of IT skills, technology as a career path has never been more attractive.

Work to live
Many tech companies have a more creative approach to work than traditional organisations, and often provide breeding grounds for innovation and invention.

Girls allowed
It’s universally acknowledged that there are few women getting into and then staying in technology careers. Currently women make up just 17% of the UK IT industry, with only 14% progressing to the position of Chief Information Officer.

Show me the money
Everyone knows tech is where the money at now.

Computer + Human

Practical skills are obviously vital but soft skills are just as important and getting even more so for jobs in technology. Companies are increasingly interested in candidates who can translate tech speak to the Board, as well as the ability to listen to what a company needs from you



  1. an idea on where to start?

    1. Hello Hammed, we apologize about the delay in responding to you. Get a job in any of the tech companies or if you will intern with them. Learn the techniques and skills required to be a tech enthusiast and be looking towards entrepreneurship.