Shell Nigeria 2017 Recruitment Stages

Shell Companies in Nigeria work with government, communities and civil society to implement programmes that have a lasting impact on lives in the Niger Delta and Nigeria as whole. It is an international organization thats very competitive in their selection of staff as well as in the attraction of candidates. Below is their recruitment process.

More importantly, you will also be opportune to see the type of interview questions they ask and the salary structure when you scroll to the bottom.

 Stage 1 – Online Assessments
After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll be asked to complete three online assessments. Altogether this will take about 40 minutes and will need to be completed within 10 days of receiving them.
Timed cognitive test
This will be a timed test that is divided into three sections, covering verbal skills, numerical skills, and abstract reasoning respectively. You would have 4 minutes to complete each section. 
Working style assessment
This segment will assess your approach to working and your preferred behaviour across key personality factors. It will not be timed, and generally only takes 10-12 minutes to complete. We celebrate and value diversity at Shell, so we encourage you to be yourself when responding. You will then receive a ‘working styles’ report based on how you answered the questions. 
On-Demand Video interview
This short, self-recorded video interview is an opportunity for you to tell us about yourself and your qualifications. You’ll also see some of our current graduates who will ask you a series of pre-recorded competency-based questions. You may record the interview at any internet-enabled location at a time most convenient to you. For each question, you’ll have 30 seconds to prepare and 3 minutes to record your answer.
This is the last assessment stage. It consists of a face to face session with two professionals at Shell. During this session you will be asked to discuss your thoughts on a case study, which you will have a chance to review 48 hours prior to the session. You will need to read and prepare for this, but don’t worry, more information will be provided closer to the time. On the day of your assessment, you will be assigned a topic relating to your case study and then given 20 minutes (30 for non-native English speakers) to prepare a 5-minute presentation.
This presentation will be followed by questions and additional scenarios from the assessors for up to 30 minutes. After this, will be an interview - this is where you have the chance to get to know us, and for us to get to know you better. To make the interview process more convenient and comfortable, we are leveraging the latest digital technology to bring the experience to you – wherever you may be.
1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
2.  Have you ever received feedback on your performance that helped you develop?
3.  Where do you think oil prices will be in the next year, why?
4. During the last exercise, how would you rate your performance, and what would you do differently (during the SRD).

1. Business Development Manager 24M - 25.9M annually
2. Petroleum Engineer 7.6M - 8.18 annually.
3. Team Lead 16.5M - 17.8M annually.

4. Commercial Advisor 16.4M - 17.8M annually
5. Senior Production Engineer - Monthly 1.45M - 1.55M monthly
6. Planner - Monthly Contractor 238k - 261k monthly
7. Coordinator - Contractor 4.6M - 4.97M annually
8. Information Analyst 14.9M - 16.1M annually
9. Mechanical Supervisor 14.3M - 15.6M annually
1. Vacation and paid time-off
2. Health insurance and pensions. etc

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  1. hello, i heard salary for grad trainee is about 19m per year (total package), why is yours for more advanced positions different? Also do shell pay upfront ?