Fidelity Bank Recruitment Stages, Aptitude Test Format

I have gotten so many request about this recruitment but I do not have a lot of information hence my being quiet about it.
***See 10 examples of aptitude questions far below***

However, I did some research and came up with few information that may prove to be useful for you guys.
Pardon me if it is not the kind of information you are expecting but I hope it serves you a little.

1. Fidelity is known to repeat their questions for their recruitment so you may see questions for last year in this years exam.

2. Their questions are lifted from GMAT 2006/ 2007. If you have it, then good luck to you.

3. Study GMAT 2006/ 2007 very well. A contributor on Naijajobs has the following to say:
I've taken Fidelity tests 3 times and I passed all and they were all the same and lifted from GMAT 2006 and 2007, Though I do not know if they've changed that pattern but if you are taking yours in Lagos (mainly within VI), you may have to do it with the computer and get your result immediately.
4.  For the breakdown of where you should read in the 2007 GMAT, here is it;
Page 102 questions 1 to 8
Page 133 questions 28 to 29
Page 21 questions 40 to 48
Page 120 questions 39 to 45

5. You can call Fidelity HR on 01-2701595 for any assistance you may need for rescheduling etc.

6. Test is done on computer and you need to answer d questions fast because of time.

7. Ensure you are quite certain of your answer choice because you may not be able to change it but more importantly there would be time constraint.

8. Your mark would be displayed immediately and you may be asked to wait afterwards.

Here are some of the interview questions they ask:

A. Why are you interested in a career within the banking industry in Nigeria?

B. (Behavioral interview question) What are your strengths and how will you use them to make an impact at Fidelity?

C. How has your education prepared you for this opportunity with Fidelity Bank Plc?

D. (Case interview question) In the banking industry, customer service is highly paramount. Give an example of a time when you provided excellent customer service in whichever capacity.

You may want to read; Types Of Interviews And What To Expect

Feel free to contact me.

***Aptitude Test Example:***

# A Chartered Accountant applies for a job in two firms X & Y. The probability of his being selected in firm X is 0.7, and being rejected at Y is 0.5 and the probability of rejection at least one of his applications is 0.6. What is the probability that he will be selected in one of the firms?

# Two small circular parks of diameters 16 m, 12 m are to be replaced by a bigger circular park. What would be the radius of this new park, if the new park has to occupy the same space as the two small parks?

# A conical vessel of base radius 2 cm and height 3 cm is filled with kerosene. This liquid leaks through a hole in the bottom and collects in a cylindrical jar of radius 2 cm. The kerosene level in the jar is
π cm
1.5 cm
1 cm
3 cm

# The angle of elevation of an aeroplane from a point on the ground is 45°. After 15 seconds flight, the elevation changes to 30°. If the aeroplane is flying at a height of 3000 m, the speed of the plane in km per hour is

# At the first stop on his route, a driver unloaded 2/5 of the packages in his van. After he unloaded another three packages at his next stop, 1/2 of the original number of packages remained. How many packages were in the van before the first delivery?

# If S is 150 percent of T, then T is what percent of S + T?

# An investor earns 3% return on 1/4th of his capital, 5% on 2/3rd and 11% on the remainder. What is the average rate of return he earns on his total capital?

# Mixture of milk and water has been kept in two separate containers. Ratio of milk to water in one of the containers is 5 : 1 and that in the other container is 7 : 2. In what ratio should the mixtures of these two containers be added together so that the quantity of milk in the new mixture may become 80%?
3 : 2
2 : 3
4 : 5
None of these

# Rahul started a business with a capital of Rs. 8,000. After six months, Sanjay joined him with an investment of some capital. If at the end of the year each of them gets an equal amount as profit, how much did Sanjay invest in the business?
Rs. 17,500/-
Rs. 18,000/-
Rs. 16,000/-
Rs. 16,500/-

# Sita buys a fridge at 15/16 of its original value & sells it for 10 % more than its value. Then gain % is
None of these

Questions lifted from hitbullseye


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