Nigerian Stock Exchange Recruitment 2017

The Nigerian Stock Exchange is a haven for those who seek to excel in what they do irrespective of their differentiating attributes including ethnicity, gender etc.

Our workforce is young and dynamic with a wide variety of skills and expertise, thriving on challenges and committed to getting the job done efficiently and effectively.

Our work environment is high performing and intellectually challenging while our organizational culture is customer focused, people centric and results oriented.

Will you not rather join us?

Vacancies exists for the below positions:
Available Positions by departments: Click on the department to show you the list of vacancies.

NOTE: We will update their recruitment stages shortly.

1. Branch Network Department [10]
2. Port Harcourt Branch, Branch Network [1]
3. Kano Branch, Branch Network [1]
3. Onitsha Branch, Branch Network [2]
4. Secondary Market Department [3]
5. Technology Services Department [1]
6. Administration Department [3]
7. Listing Regulation Department
8. Etc

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