How To Answer ''What Are Your Weaknesses''

This question is often asked by recruiters to have a glimpse into the weaknesses of the candidate but more importantly to identify the following;

1. Which areas can we help this candidate to enable him or her perform efficiently on the job.
2. To identify if these weaknesses can be a barrier to performing his tasks.
3. To identify if their are addictions, obsessions that could jeopardize their clients relationship, concentration and office culture.

So when next you are asked this question, it is not a strategic question so to speak. It is a question that I advice you to be honest about. Being honest about it shows you are honest and dependable and good recruiter will quickly note how you would be assisted in that regard except it is ''far too away'' from the lane of what they are looking for.

There are rules however.

Rule 1: Do not go about saying any negative thing that would jeopardize your candidacy.

Rule 2: Do not lie about it but you have to craft your weakness positively.

Here is an example; my weakness is that I cannot do or rather I am addicted to the internet. How do I communicate this?
"What are your weaknesses?".

"I find myself researching for too many information over the internet on a subject matter but because of the diverse views and perspectives on the web, it tends to make me spend so much time on reading several contents which can be time consuming...

''I am trying to limit my research interest to just few reliable sources which I think will allow me manage my time well and also make me to achieve more in less time".

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