How To Answer ''Can We Meet You'' By A Recruiter

''Can we meet you'' for me, is the most important interview question ever. Its an opportunity for you to succinctly describe:

1. Who you are.
2. Your work ethics and what you stand for.
3. Your passion and possibilities on the job.
4. Most importantly, why you are the best person to be chosen.

Recognizing this opportunity however does not give you the ticket to start talking about your life history. You should be smart enough to speak strongly about those things that are most important in other to engage the recruiter and not bore him or her with stories of your life.

I remember the last time I went for an interview for a different role in my organization and I was asked this question. I had rehearsed the question at home many times because somehow I suspected it was going to come up.
I had prepared documents to show proof of why I was actually interested and interviewing for the role. I had gone with an arsenal of what I am currently doing to show my passion, steps taken and I ensured that I communicated it strongly to the recruiter. Leaning forward and looking into his eyes when I was asked about it.

For a new graduate, focus on your personal strength and skills. Sometimes mentioning what you are currently doing in terms of professional courses or ongoing skill development or leadership positions you have taken may help.

So something like this should be fine:

''Can I meet you please?''
Confidently shift in your chair (Gestures showing importance of what you are about to say is fine) and say
"First of all, I would like to say thank you for the opportunity".

"My name is Femi and I graduated with a second class upper division in Accounting from the University of Lagos".

"I have always been passionate about numbers and precision, hence my decision to study accounting".

"To further buttress my fascination and plan to build my career in accounting, I have just registered for ICAN and I believe that I will be done with it in 2 years".

I currently work in my churches account department as a volunteer and I have just redesigned the Spreadsheets we use to reflect filters and groupings that will make our job more efficient.

"If what you are looking for is someone who is ready to to be the best at his job, then I can assure you that you would not be disappointed".
Trust me, this should be good but the way and manner you pass this message across as well as your gestures will make a whole lot of difference.

Can someone tell us what has been successfully done with this response?

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