Floral investment, Twinkas, Donation Hub, Latest Ponzi Scheme In Nigeria; How They Work

There are a host of ponzi schemes springing up daily offering a staggering returns of 50% in less than two weeks.

Floral Investment although does not look like a ponzi scheme offers return to investors who are willing to take a risk with their flower business which they claim is guaranteed. It will surprise you that these sites are one of the most visited websites in Nigeria. Check Alexa ranking.

Twinkas promises a 50% return in 7 days and a check on their website claims they have an office in Dubai. Twinkas allows clients or investors or helpers to donate as much as they want but it has a cap of a maximum of N50, 000 (nairas).

Donation Hub, Get help worldwide and a host of others promise unbelievable returns and trust me if you think people have not learnt their lesson from the crash of MMM, a look at Alexa ranking shows that almost 30% of Nigerias population visits this site everyday.

Our aim here is to call the attention of people to be careful of how they invest in these schemes. I will not want to say it is fake or not because I personally have people who make money from some of these schemes but my appeal is to be careful because just like MMM, it may crash just as I am typing this.

Be careful how much you invest and be careful using monies that are meant for other important things in your life.

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