FHi360 Recruitment Stages 2017

FHI360 has one of the best working environment you can find around. Collaborative environment, interesting work stations, strong mission, generally get to travel and awesome colleagues. Their employees stay as long as 10 years working with them and trust me, most have lovely things to say about FH1360. Process and stages below:

The process usually take around 2 weeks. There will usually be the following:

1. A phone interview.
2. A Face to face panel interview.
3. A Skype interview.
4. Very well managed process. Great communication throughout. Speedy movement and timely responses.

So overall you will be impressed by the speed and efficiency of the process. Only negative could be it took a while after job application for the interview process to get started.
The issue is they just never get back to the candidates. After few rounds of interviews if you will not be proceeding with the recruitment.
Sometimes, you may not get any feedback if you are not shortlisted. Overall the process is usually very unorganized and unprofessional.

Likely interview questions:

1. Tell us about your experience with strategic planning?
2. Why FHI360  
3. What is your experience working with HIV/AIDs programs?  4. Was there ever a time you could not deliver or perform on a request by a project partner, and what did you do to resolve the issue? 5. What are your professional/career goals in the next 5 years?

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