Should I Provide Help On MMM?

So finally MMM is back on and we have evidence of people who claimed to have been able to Get Help. We will post the evidence shortly if it exists.

Friday the 13th seems to be the most important day in January 2017 and I am more importantly happy that frozen accounts would be unblocked and that people can now have access to the money that by now should have yielded 50%. Unfortunately this is not true at this time.

The purpose of writing this is because we shared some experiences around offices in Lagos when MMM froze in December which we shared sometimes back and where apart from my colleagues who until now thought their money was gone (Unfortunately too, it looks like its gone forever) had series of attacks, sleepless nights and depressive tendencies.

That story is here: Click Here
Should you still PH now that MMM is back?
The advice remains the same as expressly stated on MMM website that you should only spend what you are able to spare. Dont use your rents, kids fees, business funds amongst others.
What are the likely things to happen?

While this may seem normal to lots of folks, I bet you that a lot of people may not have this perspective so let me share:

1) There is a possibility of GH folks being more that those who are ready to PH.
2) Those currently providing help could be guiders who up till now have gained so much from the system.
3) Remember this is a ponzi scheme and it may still crash once there is no one to PH and the guiders are exhausted.
4) MMM may be looking for a way to take back from the guiders so they also should be careful.
5) MMM crashing is likely. Very likely. PH would be low and what do you think would happen after then?.

Here is our new stance:

1. MMM is gone for good. For me, MMM died Dec 12 the moment they froze.2. Guiders should be PHing and GHing themselves.3. Common sense will tell you not to put 1 naira there again. It will be gone like the air.4. Dont force it, move on.5. When it comes to money, what matters is trust and the trust is gone.
This is not for traffic sake, as I have a SO who also participated in the scheme and we are all just asking questions.
Share your thoughts.


  1. The only real competitor MMM Nigeria has is GET HELP WORLDWIDE.

    * There are no outrageous guider bonuses.

    * There are strict rules guiding ph and gh here.

    * Fake POP is treated as a criminal offence here (instant judgement).

    * This one fit last for another 5 years the way I dey see am so.

    * Freezing of Mavros will never ever occur here.


    WHATSAPP: 08067290335

    1. Yes heard about it but havent studied it so we hold no opinion against it but our readers would not be encouraged to participate in it.

    This is the best peer-to-peer donation platform I have ever seen. You donate in either bitcoin ($10 worth of bitcoin) or in your local currency (N3,000 only), and also receive
    donation without referring any body.

    It does not even have referral links. You don't need to refer to receive donation. The system cycles itself.

    And the best part - you receive donations maximum 24hrs. Don't take my words for it, just visit the site and see things for yourself.
    You are welcome to participate. Visit the site now!!!

  3. 30DaysGroup(3DG) is a new platform in Nigeria for Nigerians. I joined the platform December last year with the sum of N200k and I am a testimony. Im here to help & guide newbies.

    30daysgroup is a peer to peer platform that is based on the principle of PH & GH.

    How to register:

    1. Simply go to
    2. Click register.
    3. Fill all the details. (In the referral field, you can either leave it blank or put a username).
    4. You can either verify your account or leave it unverified.
    5. Click Provide Help button, input amount and plan.
    6. Wait till you are paired, usually 14 days and above.
    7. After you're paired, call the other participant.
    8. Pay, then wait till you are confirmed by him/her.
    9. At the end of your plan, you can then GH.
    10. Finally, recommit or get banned.

    3DG has two plans:
    ��20days plan which gives 30%
    ��30days plan which gives 50%

    �� Transactions done in Naira only to avoid scam.

    1. N20000 – N50000 = N2000
    2. N51000 – N150000 = N5000
    3. N151000 - N300000 = N10000
    4. N301000 – N401000 = N20000
    5. N401000 – N699000 = N30000
    6. N700000 – N1000000 = N50000

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