PWC Recruitmet Stages, Aptitude, Interview 2017

PWC has one of the most anticipated recruitment ever by graduates who are looking to develop their careers in accounting, tax, consulting and human resources.

Unfortunately for many, they only accept graduates with a second class upper degree.
Unfortunately too, the competition is always stiff and like Charles Darwin said; ''Its the survival of the fittest''.

So in other to help and guide you, the following are the likely things you may experience throughout the recruitment process and stages of interview, aptitude etc.
The culture is Non-hierarchical and informal culture. Good learning environment and supportive colleagues but as mentioned by an employee, there are occasional very high pressure and expectations, work can be time consuming and the work-life balance can be a struggle.

So basically the following are the steps:

Here's how it works:

1. Take some online tests
2. First interview
3. Attend an assessment centre and final interview
a.Interview with the department managers.
b.Interview with the Head HR (Or as decided or interchanged with 3 and 4).

4. Receive an offer
5. Pass our pre-employment checks
For the Aptitude test (Like I always advice, practicing with GRE will never fail you).
Likely interview questions asked:

1. What would you do if you saw/heard one of your co-workers releasing confidential client information?
2. How do you deal with a challenging manager?
3. Tell me about a difficult situation and how you handled it in a leadership position
4. Tell me about a time you saw an inaccuracy in financial data and what did you do to fix it?
5. Discuss with us your interest in PWC and your career goals.

For the assessment:

You’ll be asked to complete numerical and verbal reasoning tests online. You'll give the tests again at the assessment day - this time on paper and supervised - so doing them online is good preparation. If successful you will be invited to a first interview.


a. There is vacation and paid time off work.
b. There is health insurance and pension and other regulated employee interest as specified by government.
c. There is maternity and paternity leave.

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  1. Enter your comment...I want to first of all commend the Gud work u guys re doing,grt job! I also want to ask abt d latest navy recruitment Dss 24 regular course. We actually took the first test on d 17th of Dec 2016 but Uptill now results are not out yet. Regardless, I still want to know Wat should we expect generally from d navy guys. Tnks once more ur effort is appreciated.

  2. Richben, we are glad you find it useful. We will research on this but and if we get updates, we will notify you accordingly.

  3. my name is eseosa, please i would like to know how long thier recuitment process takes

  4. Please when is their next recruitment

    1. Kindly stay glued to the website. We will update you when the new vacancy is up.

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