NIBSS Recruitment Stages, Interview, Aptitude 2017

As we often do, we sometimes help with some of these organizations recruitment stages, in other to give you insights into the the likely stages of their recruitment process, what you should expect in terms of aptitude, interviews and the likely span of the recruitment.

This is actually the first time I am seeing NIBSS role out recruitment. Some of the folks we spoke with applied through employee referral and the process usually take around 5 months.

You are likely to write a test after which you have a panel interview with about 4 top management executives, follow by HR interview. We learnt that it is not a bad place to work at all and loosing jobs hardly happens.

There is usually a bias for those with experience in IT and this is expected.

What they basically do is the evolution to the future cashless Nigeria using mobile money to increase the effectiveness of the cash less policy so you may have to read about the following:

1. Nigeria's plan on the cashless policy.
2. The challenges.
3. What to do differently.
4. The acceptance and how people are embracing the culture.
5. The possibilities of the future.
6. Funds transfer.
7. About direct or indirect competitors (Paga etc)

Likely interview questions:
1. Where do you see this company going in 5 years.
2. What are the goals of NIBSS?
3. Tell us about your experience

We will update as we have more information.


  1. Pls wats their salary rate for service support manager

    1. I just wanted to let you know I saw your question since but did not answer because I wanted to see if I could get info.

      Unfortunately, I did not. The information I have is what I updated up here. If I have more, would let you know.

  2. Please I got a message that the test has been postponed. Do u have an idea on the new date scheduled?

  3. I email nibss and was told the new test date will be communicated as soon as possible.

  4. Which I.T skills do you think will be favorable?

  5. Hi, @hrtechnique pls bring more job vacanies in ph. thanks

  6. Pls is the recruitment still on? If yes how do I apply?

  7. Is application still open or closed?

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  9. I was interviewed 5th December 2017,some said they have been called to collect their letter,he technique how true is it please

  10. Plz after the aptitude test how would someone know that he/she passed the exam...?

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