Modern Strategies To Applying For Jobs

It is true that when the world evolves then you need to evolve with it. You need to ensure that you keep pace with the movement and the reason is simple; If you do not keep up then you will get beat up.
HR has evolved and the traditional method where you apply for jobs over the internet is becoming less important even though not non-existent.

This is not the same for government recruitment's and management trainee and graduate positions where a large pool of candidates are required and the recruiter or company may want enough competition to enable them choose the best candidates.

Talent hunters now hunt for potential employees on social media, on blogs and through recommendation. Vacancies are now filled up through internal recruitment and referral (which in itself is not wrong).

What this points out to an intelligent job seeker is that he himself needs to change gears to meet up with the tide.

What should you do differently?.
I usually advocate for job seekers to have a clear-cut goal in life. Have some focus about where you are going and where you see yourself in a couple of years then tailor your career choices and path in that route.

Let your life breathe and live it.
Nothing beats been a professional in your field.

If you want to be a social media expert, or your dream is to work as a web developer then build your life and profile around it even though it may not be the job you have at the moment. Start a coding blog where people have access to css and HTML solutions.

1. Ensure that your social media profile and your updates and personality reflects same.
If you are passionate about something, wouldn't it be something you would often talk about?.
LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Nairaland.

2. Do not limit yourself to online applications.
Most times, to be honest, internal employees are also submitting resumes for their wards, friends and family.

Try and get the organization's direct info email or HR manager contact details and strike a conversation. Walk up to the organization with an arsenal of your jobs or profile and pitch to someone who may just help set up a meeting with the Hiring manager.

3. Prepare, prepare and prepare.
The most important stage of every recruitment is the interview stage. You dont want to blow it. You don't. Get ready for it, practice and believe in yourself.

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