Leading Those Who Antagonize Your Leadership - Pep Talk

Leading a team that antagonize your leadership is not something that is unique to only you. Humans are the most difficult people to manage and trust me it becomes easy for you when you read up resources that would guide you and direct you in the right way. Leading a team that antagonize your leadership is not something you should worry over.

Life is not for weaklings, you have to be tough and strong. Someone saw a potential in you and also saw a leader in you. We are not all born leaders but we can learn to become one. It cannot be easy, yes! but you can learn how to deal with it, how to speak about it and how to communicate with them.

Something like this (You want to pass an information to a team for example):
''Hello guys''. I am sorry for asking us to see but I have an information that was communicated to me and I am obligated to share it with the team''.
''I did not ask for this either but its a responsibility and I have to share it with you guys nonetheless. I hope you understand and not let us make a big deal out of it''
Well if you don't do it and you give up, someone else will be called upon and he or she would do it perfectly. Yes somebody else would do the job. So its safe to say the other person is better than you?.

You just have to find a way to deal with it. Read up resources on Google and you will be amazed at how you can successfully manage the situation

Like how am I suppose to lead people that are against me?.

You need to have emotional intelligence to not be bothered about their back biting and them antagonizing you. You have to stay positive and stay friendly.

Communicate with them without bias and lead with a smile. Let them know you are just doing whats necessary and not whats convenient but they will make it convenient and better for everyone if they work with you. Anyone can be called and how would they feel if people do not want to work with them?.

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