Ignoring Your Boss Email After Work Hours Now Legal In France

Employees now have the right to disconnect from office emails after work hours in France. French employers have now been advised to implement policies that will make them able to respond to client emails without compelling workers to do so.

Monster says: ''The timer for the pizza you have in the oven goes off just as your phone lights up with an email from your boss. Looks like dinner will have to wait. Unless you work in France.''
In Nigeria, please, do check your email because there is no such law in place in yet and yes! don't feel bad, even in the US, there is no such law.

Starting this January 1, workers have the right to disconnect and this forces employers to renegotiate terms that will make workers to respond to emails once they clock out for the day.

For us, we believe this is a great development but there could be some setbacks to this new development.

1. Loss of clients.
There could be emails that will come after work hours from clients who have had sometime to think about their options and would like to get back you on the sales pitch you made or the service offering you initiated. We believe however that once the law is widespread, clients and customers would
probably seize to send emails after 5pm and wait till the next day or just place a phone call directly.

2. Not attending to emergency issues.
Depending on your role in the organization, there are times where policies requires that you be contacted before further decisions are made and this law may be an hindrance to making that possible.

3. This will force a change in the entire organization, new way of doing things and new policies to accommodate this development which could be expensive and frustrating.

Vicki Salemi, Monster HR exepert says: “We should work to live, not the other way around,” she says. “‘Right to disconnect’ recognizes that yes, you do, in fact, have a life beyond work.”

Benefits include:
1. The ability to eat your meals and pizza in peace.
2. The opportunity for you to bond and have a great time with your family without interuptions.
3. Your ability to do personal things like exercise, yoga, quiet time, concentration without calls and mails from office disturbing you.

But!!! A big question is; ''What does this mean for the French police whose attention may be needed after their shift had ended?. Share your thoughts''.

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