I Feel Like Giving Up - What Can I Do?

There is a saying that has always guided my thoughts which I think might be useful to you too:
"If you do not have anything to offer the world then the world would offer what it has for you".
In other words, if you give up, the implication is that how your life would turn out would be left to chance. Not only would it be left to chance but it might be too late to achieve and experience good things if at the end of the day chance favors you.

Giving up means leaving your life to chance. It means not being in control, hoping only for the opportunities and possibilities of a better life without working hard for it.

Things might look like its not working out and you are gradually giving up yourself.

1. Your job is tough and you are not appreciated for your effort.
2. Your job is stressful and you need a better one.
3. You probably haven't worked since you graduated.
4. You have been trying to change jobs all to no avail.
5. You can't even get by with the peanuts you earn.
6. You are confused about what path to take.
7. You have made several bad decisions and its making you depressed.
8. Bad relationships and business disappointments.

Dont give up. Follow through it because at the end of the day, we usually all look back and laugh off about how we were so worried and thought our lives was going to come crashing down.
Dont give up. Keep at it and keep trying your best.

Things usually turn out right as long as:

1. You do not keep a negative mind. Your mind is where the battle begins.
2. You do not keep demotivated people as friend's. Yes it looks like friends have deserted you but you can do this;
3. Make good books your friend. Read and read. Readers are leaders.
4. Familiarize yourself continually with resources that will make you excel in life.
5. Think about ideas. One way to start is by asking yourself; "What can I do?".
6. Damn the odds. Dare to be different. Do what people find difficult to do. You might just find out that its so easy for you. If you need a job, step up to the receptionist or the HR of xyz company. If you have a business idea, strive to pitch to Tony Elumelu etc. There is so much at stake and you can't afford to lose. Your kids and unborn children are looking up to you.
7. Realize and know that there would always be results. We reap whatever we sow. So dear friends, all your efforts would finally pay off.

I gave up... I was depressed too. Unhappy and didn't just want to see anyone but now I realize that our lives are actually in our hands. We decide how and what we are going to be remembered for when we take that last breath.

I leave you with this thought:
"50 years is just 2, 500 weekends, so make your life count".
Love to hear from you.

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