HR Manager, Avoid these Mistakes When Interviewing

I often wonder why HR personnel's are usually mean when interviewing candidates. In fact, I also thought it was the best thing to do but now I think differently. Yes! I think differently now and I would like to share my perspective with you guys.

I agree that sometimes, due to the nature of the job we are recruiting for, we may decide to put the candidate in a position that tests their reserve or measure how patient and tolerant they are under certain circumstance.
I also understand that sometimes, tough role play which tests a candidates perseverance and other measures decided to be used by the HR administrator can be very important BUT here, we are talking about a general interview where you are meeting a candidate to get to know him or her turns sour because of the HRs attitude.

So I was conducting this interview with a candidate and he asked a very ''not-so-good'' question, at least from my own perspective and I had to repeat the question to the candidate for him to hear how the question sounded. So I got upset but controlled it but not without my manager noticing because he knew me more than the interviewer. Here is what he advised after the interview:
Do not make any candidate feel less human or uncomfortable during interviews by being unnecessarily tough. While you are interested in getting the best candidate, you are also hoping that the best candidate is interested in choosing you
Overtime, I have realized that it really does not make any difference when you are tough with a candidate. Rather it is exhausting for you and then you end of being angry all through the interviews. You know how the mind works.
When the atmosphere is peaceful, calm and friendly, a whole lot more get done within the nearest minimum time possible.
I also realized some of the tactics he uses during interviews which are:
1. Being very friendly.
2. Be genuinely interested in the candidate
3. Ask questions relating to what their names meant and who they really were.
4. He allowed the candidate exhaust what they have to say before he talks at all. A good listener.
5. Mutual respect for the candidate because it is a privilege to be a recruiter. Your job is to help and not hurt.

The mistake we make is because of the state of unemployment in the world over, otherwise it is not a good practice to be mean, unfriendly and disrespectful to interviewees. If you do this, stop it!.

What I noticed differently in the candidate:
1. This kind of environment makes them express themselves in their true form and you are able to judge who they are really.
2. It gives them a sense of pride and importance.
3. They are able to ask all the questions they have.
4. They probably appreciate you for a job well done. 
5. The perspective about your company has just being enhanced positively (Easy PR).


  1. I love this.On point.Some HR manager can be very mean,tough and could act like Devil's assistant sometimes.The candidates feel intimidated by the HR because of their body language and disposition which is very hostile.