How To Speak Confidently At Meetings

One of the problems of not speaking confidently at meetings is that you are not only unable to make impact at the meeting but your presence may be considered unproductive and this may eventually cost you many opportunities.

There are general rules when it comes to speaking or appearing confident at meetings either with your boss, a client or your colleagues.
These rules would help you even though it is important that you know it is a continuous learning process and one resource may not be able to capture the entire technique.
''Great speakers are not born, they are made.''
The highlights to speaking confidently at meetings is that:

1. You must prepare and plan.
This means in simple terms that you should be able to Itemize your points on a note book. Itemizing your points gives you time to succinctly explain your points one by one and could even help when you are lost or short of ideas.
You only appear confident when you have something to say.

2. You must be confident in your appearance. If you have to hold a pen to appear smart please do.
Great speakers have been known to say you should do what makes you confident. If wearing a glasses makes you look confident then do, if wearing a tie does then by all means do.

3. You must research your points backed up with data or figures so that you can powerfully cut across your points.
Whats the point of speaking when you are simply shooting blanks. Your points have no quality nor substance. It is important that you research properly and communicate it accordingly.

4. Your gestures will show the power and passion in your discussion.
Just like nodding your head signifies agreement, listening or cooperation, gesticulating with your hands or tilting forward on the chair may show the weight of what you are about to say.

5. Look at your meeting colleagues in the eyes when speaking.
Not looking at people makes you appear timid. In fact, only timid people do not look into the eyes of their colleagues.
Don't stare but show attention. If you have more than a person in the meeting, ensure that you look into each persons eyes when speaking.

The above points are very very important and we hope you find it useful.
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  2. This is an expository writeup. However, I have a question to ask. I'm hard of hearing(read lips to communicate),and how possible is it for me to develop good confidence like what's been written above and put them into practice? I look forward to your feedback. Thanks

    1. To be frank, this is not something I am knowledgeable about. Sorry chief. Maybe this will be useful: