How To Shake Hands As A Professional

The way you shake hands may seem unimportant to some of us but they are the things that business owners, professionals and investors look out for when meeting with you for the first time.

They want to know if you are professional, strong, hospitable and you can be committed with some of their trust. Nothing is free so throw away the entitltlement mentality and get better.
We must strive to continually improve as professionals and one of the ways to be recognized as one is when our actions convey the same.

There are basically four types of handshakes:

1. The limp handshake:
This is the one commonly used by females when you want to shake each other. It looks like an hesitant kind of handshake where only the tip of the four last fingers except the thumb are used.
It says "Hey, I don't want to shake you, but have some of my fingers". You should by all means avoid this type of handshake.

Curve your fingers like you want to pick something then excuse your thumb. That's what it looks like.

2. The hard-long handshake:
The hard-long handshake is the type where you are trying to look and shake hands professionally but in the process miscalculated the time and you start to jerk the persons hand harder and longer than needed.
It is not only annoying but it shows that you might be nervous or full of anxiety.

3. The pull-forward handshake:
How many of us has seen Trump shake hands? No one would want to experience such because I myself imagine my arms flying off my body. We may want to excuse him because he is a billionaire and elected president of USA but trust me it's not right to shake hands that way.

You stretch your hands to greet someone and the next he does is to pull you forward so strongly your entire body moves.

4. The firm handshake:
The firm handshake is the one that only lasts for about 3 seconds. Where the bottom at the curve between your thumb and fore finger touches the other persons own, is strong enough to show anticipation and kindness and it lasts for about 3 seconds.
Ensure that you look the person in the eye, have a welcoming countenance usually with a smile and shake firmly with your hands straight then withdraw.

Have a productive day.

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