How To Send An Application Via Email

2017 guys... You cannot keep making same mistakes over and over again... So I want to share very simple, yet!!! Important tips when sending an application via email.
Note: Please read carefully.

What led to this topic?
Last week I was privileged to have the opportunity to recruit two new guys for my team and my HOD had insisted that I used my official email to receive resumes.
I already envisaged the number of resumes I would get knowing fully well the rate of unemployment in Nigeria. So... I was unhappy that my email would be very busy with lots of spam
Unfortunately, we did not currently have any HR software that shuffles CV: How HR Shuffles CV

What did I do?
I went to my email settings, started playing around, and I found a solution. I was able to create a different label (box) but I had to give it a title name and I had to (without choice) specify what type of message title comes inside, what type of file can be received and what the weight of the file should be. Problem solved.

What does this imply?
It means any email without that title name or files above the specified weight will not be archived.

What did I notice?.

After publishing the vacancy, specifying what the subject of the email should be and what the maximum weight should be for resumes as well as the file type... A host of graduates still went ahead (stubbornly) to do what they think is right rather than do as instructed.

The three simple but important tips:
That being said, when applying via email, ensure the following is observed.

1. Note and obey what the recruiter has specified that your email subject should be. Otherwise you will not hear from the recruiter because he wont receive it. Don't add your own words.
2. Same as above, follow the instructions regarding whether it should be in PDF or Word. There is a reason why they said so.
3. Lastly, Ensure the file is not above the required weight.

: Be straight to the point in your application. I doubt recruiters read them. They go straight to your cv. If they ever read your email, let it be straightforward.

HR job is on the line if s/he recruits the wrong people. Most times they are trying to replace people and s/he has a responsibility to get reliable people. If an applicant cannot follow instructions in the first place then it paints the person as someone who doesn't get himself or herself together and its the first red flag.

Besides, that does not require experience you would agree with me. They are just simple and common sense instructions as was given in your exams in school too.

If subject says: Head Of Operations.
Don't write it as: Application For The Head Of Operations In Your Company (It wont even be received) because they are like computer commands.

Kindly ask your questions.


  1. Thanks. this is very helpful. My question is; often time they do not state which format to send your CV (either PDF or Word), so which is best to adhere to if it is not otherwise stated?

  2. Hello, I get most of the point you made but my question is, during job advertisement they just say send your CV to so and so address does it mean we are supposed to add some write up on the body of the email together with the attached CV?

  3. Thanks for the info. What is the best response to last 2 response. because a lot applicants make same mistakes especially when not specify the file type and the subject.