How To Join, Apply With EFCC

Joining the commission is tough but also easy. There are always rumors of the recruitment being full of nepotism and god fatherism, however, the below are the criteria you must meet to get a fair chance.

11 criteria you must meet to enable you join the EFCC:

1.  The candidate must not be more than 27 years old
2. The candidate must be single
3. Height (Minimum Male: 1.67 m; Female: 1.64 m)
4. The candidate must have Body Mass Index (BMI) OF NOT MORE THAN 30. (Not obese)
5. Chest Measurement (Not less than 34 inches for males)
6. Must have a good hearing, good eye-sight and sound mind (This is for the purpose of weapon handling and other law enforcement gadgets)
7. No recent medical surgery, no respiratory ailments or life threatening illnesses that can cause harm to the cadet and others during training
8. No tattoos of any form
9. Must not have any criminal record
10. No membership of any cult or terrorist group
11. Must not be a user or dependent on any illicit substance or recreational drugs  (Strict penalties will be applied to any candidate/cadet who is caught during Medical Screening/Random Testing)

You can apply anytime, all year round by sending your application via courier to:

All applications should be addressed to:
Head, Human Resources,
P.M.B. 166,Garki, Abuja.


  1. Very insightful article. I believe this info was posted last year. Don't know if the information is useful now because EFCC just recruited.

  2. We are glad you found it useful. The information is still valid.