Why Your Resume Was Rejected

You applied and voila!!! That was it. No calls, no response, no emails indicating that your resume has been received or is under processing. This post will highlight simple things that you do wrong and may cost you an opportunity to be contacted.

The first thing a recruiter would see assuming you were asked to apply thorough a specific email is the subject of your mail. So your first mistake would be to use the wrong subject for your application.
Wrong Subject = Rejection/ Ignore *** Wrong Subject/ Title = Discard.
Recruiting is a tough job and HR usually ensures that the process through which CVs are gotten from candidates are simple and less complicated. This is the reason why they use job codes, email subject specifications and a lot of other parameters.

If you were asked to apply using a particular title as the subject of your email, what it means is that labels have been created to identify incoming emails with relevant subjects then discard those without the particular subject. This works for job codes or any other commands as well.

So take note of the following when next you are applying:
1. Use the subject specified by the recruiter and as written.
2. Likewise, use the job codes specified.
3. Ensure your CV weigh the kb as specified by the recruiter.
4. Follow instructions with regards to the contents of your email.  A paragraph should be a paragraph and the person you are addressing it to must be according to instructions.

Feel free to ask questions.

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