We Would Get Back To You, What This Truly Means By HR

This seems to be the most dreaded of all languages during an interview. It has become a HR language that most times means "The interview has ended".

Whats interesting however is that, even when there is no plan to get back to a candidate nor is there the facility to send automated rejection letters, most recruiter still make the blunder.
The unfortunate thing is that, this language gives false hope to a bad candidate when a recruiter knows he would not be getting back to same.

My strategy:
I have also been involved with recruitment selection for a while now and my "wrap-up" language is usually really simple and straight to the point:

''Thank you for your time, it was great meeting you. If you will be proceeding to the next stage, you will hear from us. If you do not hear from us in a week, it means other candidates were considered.''
The error here is because I may not be able to track this candidates data if I wanted to send a rejection letter.... which is standard practice but I have been able to limit the candidates expectations.

What does "We will get back to you really means?".
As unbelievable as it may sound, what this really mean is; The Interview Has Ended... I May Or May Not Get Back To You.

When next  I hear this, what should I do?.
Kindly ask the recruiter when exactly or time frame you should be expecting to get a feedback.

Confidently mention that you will call after a week to followup. A week is usually enough for HR to know who they will be giving a job except in rare occasions.

To HR.
Embrace best practices. If you wont get back to a candidate,  do not say you will get back. If your data bank is poor and you will be discarding the candidates resume right there,  let them know they will not be considered for the job.
You could go a step further by giving them insights on what they can improve on and be a better job candidate.

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  1. Well said.Most HR use this sentence and it appears it has been abused.Its not professional to keep the hope of a candidate hanging.Thanks for sharing.