Union Bank 2016 Recruitment Stages

It is nothing new that Union bank is becoming amazing with their service offering recently. Their internet banking, branches and customer service is taking a new shape.
We are all seeing a better bank from what we are used too and we hope they continue to grow stronger as they have over the years.

The institution is investing massively in technical innovation across all their service to help guarantee exceptional client service and leading edge financial solutions. To help drive their success they are currently looking for resourceful individuals to join their dedicated team.

The following are what you should note:

The major aptitude test historically, would likely be conducted by Dragnet or ICSL. There would also be a personality test to ascertain character and those with the right values and personality to work with them.

Alternatively, if the recruitment as it is has been consulted to PushCV, then you will be invited to the bank to write another assessment after which you may also write a personality test.
For the personality test, from experience, their is no right or wrong answer but the best choice is tho chose options that show you as positive, a leader and a great team player.

We all know the nature of dragnets test which is basically GMAT. If you don't know it, kindly find their past questions for practice.

Union banks recruitment span around 3 months so this ongoing recruitment might be probably be for next year. I advice that you keep applying on their career page.

Likely interview questions:
They are known to ask very basic interview questions like;

1. Tell us about yourself.
2. Why do you have interest in the banking sector.
3. What is your perception about Union bank before applying for a job here.

Likely salary:
They pay around NGN150, 000 monthly.

Training school lasts for around three weeks and this is when you may have to face the toughest of all the challenges. What you learnt there is what you would use when you are probably dispatched.

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