Union Bank 2014 Recruitment Stages

The Union bank recruitment has been very unclear based on our own observation for some time. We heard from a grapevine source that the recruitment was taken away from Dragnet beause of some inconsistent issues from dragnets side. We heard their trust in service delivery is at stake.

We heard it was outsourced to ICSL and then Dragnet conducted another test for Union bank last Sat. Its getting so confusing and we cannot give you genuine updates.

However, I must say that dragnet is still one of the HR companies I trust against all of their competitors that I havent seen anyone get a job through them.

I got so many inquiries concerning the recent test conducted by the Dragnet Solutions limited on behalf on the Union Bank Nigeria. Most of the inquiries was with regards to the latest invitation by Dragnet Solutions for candidates to write a Personality Test 2 which was exacty the same as the one written before the aptitude test.

Several people stated they either didn't write one of the test or they wrote all yet they got another invite. I am going to explain briefly the reasons why this may have happened. Note that I had to consult older people that had gone through bank recruitment's conducted by Dragnet Solutions. The categories of the inquiries I received can be classified below:

Those who got the Aptitude test invite but did not write the first personality test:

It is believed that this set of people had a good class of degree or their course was relevant to some of the positions so they were invited even tough they did not attempt the Personality test.

Those who did not write the Aptitude test but got an invitation for the Personality test 2:

Just as above, this set of people probably have good class of degree or their course is relevant to some of the positions. They might be perceived as unable to write the test as at the time invited.

Another twist is that they might be used as a last resort if peradventure the ongoing recruitment lacks the candidate they want.

Those who wrote the first Personality test, the aptitude test and yet got another invite for the Personality test 2:

I personally believe that the reason for this second invitation is to check personality consistency.

If you find this helpful kindly share using the social media buttons below. Questions are welcomed and with my experience with Dragnet, I will try and answer all questions.

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