UAC 2014 Recruitment Stages

As you all may have known, we try on this site as one of our social responsibilities to help solve issues with regards to recruitment processes of companies by popular demand. I am going to be sharing some little information about the ongoing UAC recruitment we were able to lay our hands upon.

Going forward, please drop comments and we will try and answer all questions and if you have a question on an entirely new recruitment process or about interviews, CVs and resumes or cover letters, send us an email by visiting our Contact Us Page.

We are going to explain what we know in very simple forms so as to reduce any complexity in explanation and reduce likely questions.

1) Workforce conducted the first test and it was cancelled because it was not standard. Standard either in the system software they used or the back-end management employees of their company or for one reason or the other.

2) A new test was conducted by workforce and I personally believe that a lot of people passed (means the cut-off was quite low). In the invitation sent, you would have seen batch 5 up to batch 6. The centers extends to even Port Harcourt so boys and girls, there is still a long way to go. It is a stiff competition. One that is worth it.

Also note that there were a lot of rumors that people used brilliant folks to help them write the exams so I guess that was why another test was also finally approved. This is because we heard they were contemplating on going to assessment straight.

3) The new test will be the normal GMAT, SHL kind of test everyone is used too so you may want to try studying those materials. Like I always recommend, you can use the GRE to study on exams principle and how to answer multiple choice questions. Those exams conducted by Workforce and Dragnet requires sometimes some form of "artistry" and "mastery".

4) If you can scale through that stage consider yourself almost in UAC as an employee. During the assessment for those who pass the test, they are rigorously going to test your brilliance and intelligence. Folks, you need to give it all it takes. Rack your brain and read extensively. The competition in the market is not for weaklings trust me.

Quick Tip: I suggest you put your internet subscription to use by reading on group interviews, assesments and the psychology behind it. More tips later.

5) The assessment is about general knowledge, your leadership qualities, your presentation aura, your personality and how you can have influence on a group as well as ultimately your confidence.

6) For the Graduate specialist, you must show one thing and that is "EXPERIENCE". You must talk and conduct and your approach must show that you are experienced and that you have dealt will all the scenarios they will pose. An experienced person is not totally shaken at interviews and presentations etc. So be prepared.

7) For now I advice you focus on the upcoming test. About salaries, it is not bad at all. More important is that it is a job you can relax in for the rest of your life while doing your own personal business or running your consulting firm if you will.

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