The British Council Recruitment 2015 Stages

The British Council is the world's leading cultural relations organization and creates opportunities for people in the UK and worldwide to understand each other, to work together and learn from one another.
There headquarters is located at Ikoyi Lagos with offices around the country.

Very lovely place to work and build ones career. Its like a government job in the sense that you are guaranteed of growth and a work like span that extends till retirement.
Opportunities to travel around all EU countries
The pay is lovely with loads of incentives.

You will write a test but the interview process is tough.
More tough is the selection process.

If you are not selected, just know that you were not really qualified. They have what they look at and you would be surprised as per why you were disqualified. Just take it in good faith.

So do not rush to apply. Take your time to work on your CV and tailor it accordingly. Take your time.
My guess is that they use a certain form of HR Software to sieve CVs.

What I admire most is that they give feedback every step of the way.
No nepotism and prejudice in selection.

So do your best and do your best and yes pray.

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