Skye Bank 2014 Recruitment Stages

Skye bank is one of the strongest bank in Nigeria. They are not one of the banks always caught in the web of laying off workers. They are stable and have stood the test of time. In fact I have a couple of friends working with them and I have not heard any one of them complain about one thing or the other.

I can also add that they do not usually engage contract staffing the menace that is dominant in the Banking sector in Nigeria nowadays.

Though I have not said they are "angels" so to speak, but I can categorically say that they are a good bank most graduates will not regret working with. Yes they have contract staffs and I suppose they engage all this DSAs too but it is not as other banks do which I would not mention here. Well I can say all this because I have at least worked in the bank before.

So sometimes last month I guess, they conducted the most peaceful or organized banking recruitment exercise I personally haven't seen in a long time. I got confirmation that some of the staffs were courteous and cultured unlike other aptitude tests where candidates have claimed to be treated less human. Though we heard there was a problem with the internet which delayed the registration of applicants for few minutes before they could start.

What is my point?. I personally love Skye bank, My mum used it to get some funds to send me to school so I am very emotional about the bank. They were also the second bank to move into Iwo Osun state and that feat was a relief for the students and residents of that city at the time because of the congestion and grime associated with operating just one bank in a city.

My disappointment however, was the manner in which the results of the last exam conducted were handled but its not a perfect world so I expect them to do better next time. There is also a possibility that Skye bank will do something about what happened because I have known Skye bank to be the only bank in Nigeria that is efficient and concerned about her customers and people generally. Whether potential employees or citizens. Expect something soon from Skye bank.

For those who passed, congratulations and to those who didn't, they give opportunities every year. There is really no barrier as to age limits as long as you are not 27 I suppose. They accept 2:2 as well and there is always a room for everyone to prove themselves. Gross salary is around 160 but you know you cannot completely trust information that is not grapevine. Thank you.

You all know the next stages to come so prepare and prepare. Ask questions.

Skye bank, expanding your world.

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