NPower Physical Verification, What You Should Know

So we got a hang of an update from NPower that there would be an official announcement soon and that physical verification would be done nationwide.
Now the logistics of conducting this physical verification may be difficult to provide but I think it is something they should do.
The following are the likely things to happen during the physical verification:

1. Log in issues: There are a lot of folks who up till now have not been able to register. When physical verification begins, the IT experts of NPower may be forced to resolve the problems or recommend likely solutions.

2. Certificate verification: This may be done to investigate if you have what you stated in your application.

3. Credentials authenticity: This may be done to authenticate your credentials as stated.

4. Age verification: To verify stated age using birth certificate and hopefully affidavits.

5. General profile investigation.

6. Redeployment: Possible redeployment of those who are unable to work where they are posted due to physical, social, financial or health challenges.

7. Problem resolution: This could also be an opportunity to finally resolve all related problems in the system.

8. Disqualification: A lot of candidates would be disqualified because of certifcates, age and other non compliance.  However, this does not mean they wont still get a chance. 

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