Nigerian Breweries 2017 Recruitment Stages

For NB plc ido not submit your application more than once, you may jeopardize or delay your chances of being considered for employment.
Depending on the role you have applied for, recruitment is usually in two stages or three stages as the case may be.

For Graduate Trainee Hires: Test > Interview > Assessment center (Test could be online).

For Experienced Hires: Interview > Interview.

Graduate Trainee Hires is divided into:
1. Management trainees: Commercial (Sales and Marketing), Finance, HR, Logistics.
2. Technical trainees: Brewers and Engineer.

The process:
a. Recruitment and selection.
b. Placements.
c. Mentoring.
d. Coaching.
e. Training.
f. Personal development.
After which you will be assessed using certain KPIs to determine if you will stay or not.
''After a highly competitive selection process, successful candidates undergo a modular training programme involving formal training and experiential attachments for 12 months. The programme is also supported with a mentoring scheme, which lasts for 18 months and starts within the first six months of the trainees’ resumption in Nigerian Breweries. From day one, trainees are encouraged to build an in-depth understanding of the practice of management in the various functions of the company. At the end of the programme, successful candidates are considered for management positions in the company.''
Source: NBplc
Interview questions for NB Plc:
1. What is our share price in the market?
2. General sales questions.
3. Can we meet with you?
4. Tell us about an experience where you had made a mistake on your last job?
5.  If you were to estimate the number of cars on Nigerian roads, how would you go about it?
6. Why would you like to work with us?.

Remuneration is highly competitive and one of the best in the industry. Above NGN200 for graduate trainees.

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