MMM Nigeria Crash; Some Feedback At Some Offices Around Lagos

Even if you disagree with the contents, kindly find the humor in it.

My office is a large one housing a high number of employees. Many of which have become so fond of MMM in recent times.
I must confess I participated myself and yes I stopped when I heard a crash was looming going by the experiences of folks in other countries around the world. South Africa, China and Russia itself experienced the crash.

I have a couple of friends who I reached out to and they shared what it was like at their own offices when on Tuesday they heard MMM had been frozen... few in my own place of work too. I assure you on these are real life experiences. Read further:

1. George not real name just joined our office and he was ''sweet-talked'' by a guider in my office to join and put his first salary into MMM. Unfortunately, he does not know how to log in or check his account nor is he internet savvy. He stays in Ajah and office is on the mainland. I have never seen anyone journey in 30 minutes from Ajah to the mainland in my life!. He just did after receiving a call from us.

2. Fred not real name is married. Rent was due but was broke. Spoke with his wife to loan him some money to be repaid later. Yes wife had some cash. NGN250, 000 to be precise. Wife insisted she needed the money for MMM and so went ahead to invest it. Husband is at work and has heard the news. Fred has been in the toilet for 45 minutes now. The shit is probably coming in torrent.

3. Yinka not real name has NGN400, 000 in her account... Hoping to request for help tomorrow. She is still calm and trust me I am looking at recommending her for a leadership role. You hardly get folks who are calm under such circumstances.

From friends office:

a. A staff started to vommit and feeling feverish after seeing the frozen message on her account. The folks at their office is not helping matters as they usually taunt themselves when someone is facing certain challenges.

b. My friend himself is getting married in February. Has committed NGN300, 000 and has called like a thousand people today to clarify, verify, ascertain if the information he is hearing is true. Trust me people have money in this scheme and the possibility of a closure is staring at them in the face.

c. Another friend who had promised to pay his rent next week after getting help just got called by his landlord. He actually owes rent and his kid school fees. Exams is starting for the kid tomorrow so hs is lost as per what to do.

I personally believe we have to wait before jumping into conclusions. However, note the following:

1. Lagos state government under the umbrella of LASEMA has advised people to call 112 in case of an emergency.

2. We have heard of people wanting to commit suicide, kindly reach out to your folks and families to ensure they are fine. There is panic everywhere.

3. Do not cause more panic by spreading false information. There are only two things that can happen; for the system to return or not return and we can only wait.

To reclaim your mavros, visit: though we cannot guarantee its authenticity.


  1. A friend within the same continent, earlier told that their MMM was truncate but later reverse to normal full operations that is our prayer and fasting at the moment.

  2. A friend within the same continent, earlier told that their MMM was truncate but later reverse to normal full operations that is our prayer and fasting at the moment.

    1. Hi Mascot, It will be wrong for anyone to make conclusions until Jan 17.

  3. Junk journalism, anything even a lie to drive traffic and join the trend.. it's a pity.

  4. You may think so but only the names were changed. Thank you for your opinion.

  5. How are we sure that all the fictitious names you mentioned have real people attached to them and that you are not just embellishing stories, since everyone blog and forum is now riding on the wave of MMM to draw in traffic! I saw on another forum that people lost over N18.675 billion naira, how did this people arrive at these fictitious amount?

    1. We totally understand your reservations. All HRtechnique posts are original. That is a standard we are building for ourselves. Original content. Go through our post. The first guy seats right beside me at work... the second guy is a new dude at work. December would be his third month and he was tempted to join the scheme with his first salary.

      We just wanted to clarify this with you. Appreciate your visit and opinion. We would like more of your critique.

  6. I want to tell you that MMM has not crashed as the media wants people to believe. In fact MMM is not even in pause mode because your Mavros still grow which is not possible if the system is in pause mode. And believe me MMM won't crash in January when people will be getting help in order to take out their money. There is a measures in place which will be implemented before January 14 which will prevent people to GH at the same time. This will definitely stabilize the system as GH will be in batches.

    1. We are actually not holding positions as regards what could happen. We are openminded until January. No one knows what will happen so lets stop the 'chest beating'