LASU Recruitment Stages 2016

If you think you cannot get a job at LASU without Nepotism please think again. I personally have a close friend who is currently a lecturer there and who applied through this same process and got the job.

There could be nepotism in the Nigerian system but people still get jobs through merit. Based on my friends experience, I would share there recruitment stages so as to know what to expect.


Remuneration at LASU is very competitive and can compete favorably with other federal universities.
One thing you should also be excited about is the fact that the Lagos state government do not owe salaries so you are in good hands.

Because this is an academic environment, most of the selection is by merit. Considerations is given though for people with 1st class and second class upper and the reason is not far fetched. It is an academic environment.

The aptitude is conducted based on what you have applied for. As a lecturer in statistics, you will be given a test in statistics. So all the test is job specific. This is not going to be Gmat, Shrm or GRE. Remember it is an academic environment.

Interview is usually in two stages. First you mean a panel of interviewers comprising of lecturers and admin officers then you meet with the HOD of your department.

Likely Interview Questions:
Usually the questions are in this format;
1. Why do you want to be a lecturer?
2. Why do you think you are qualified to be a lecturer?
3. What are your views on sexual  harassment in the university?

Available positions are hereLASU Recruitment

Trust me it is a very smooth process and it is usually based on merit from my own experience.


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