How To Send Unsolicited Applications

Sending unsolicited applications is one of the ways to apply for a job in organizations that may not be recruiting at the moment. This does not mean that you will not get an opportunity to be called or invited for a chat when the opportunity arises.

In fact, there are lots of folks who have gotten jobs this way especially if you have a lovely resume. How To Write A Resume: HR Technique Resume

When sending an unsolicited application, the following should guide you:

1. Have a clear-cut plan of the department or job you intend applying for.
This is very important because an application without relevant subject may be ignored or discarded.

2. Tailor your CV to reflect the skills relevant to do the job or work in that department.
It is important that you always tailor your CV for any vacancy you are applying for. If you have a clear-cut department or job you want to apply for, let your CV reflect same.

3. Ensure the subject of your email is direct and specific.
For example;
a. Application For A Role In Your Logistics Department.
b. Logistics Officer With Four Years Experience Interested In Your Company.
c. Interested In A Graduate Trainee Position.

Good luck.

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