How To Contribute To Company Goals During Meetings

Contributing to company goals at meetings means speaking in line with company objectives and removing antagonizing statements and arguments as many as possible.
When arguments occur what it usually imply is: ''power tussle between teams when different goals are at stake''.

The only reason why most people argue at work especially during meetings is because they have different ideas about how things should be done. While this is not a bad thing in itself, it can create a problem if the main purpose of the argument is not what is right for our clients rather that "what an individual thinks Is right". This may not be clear.

Have you ever wondered why there is always so much tension in the room at board meetings or cross-departmental meetings? When the argument is not about what is right for customers or about improving user experience then something is wrong.

What most people don't know is that there are no wrong or right ideas, there are only "The best ideas"... "The productive ideas"... "The proactive ideas"... And this can only be argued using logic, reasoning, valid arguments BUT most especially putting into consideration customer experience.

The implication of this sort of unproductive meetings is that it creates tension and doesn't actually solve the main problems.

Department A wants this while Department B thinks this is the right thing.
Department A is thinking about what will make their own jobs more efficient but Department B is thinking about partners and are stuck with the old way of doing things. Helllooo!!!, who is thinking about the customers? "What do customers want"?
This perspective not only bring and generate ideas, it promotes values, cooperation, good debates and lastly an awesome experience for an organizations customers.

When next you are having that meeting, think about the following:

1. What is the goal?
There is only one way to generate ideas and that is to have a goal. To have a theme of the meeting. This is what we want to achieve so how do we achieve it. When you approach any meeting this way, the conversation will tilt from being an argument to being a discussion. Think about the goal.

2. Understand that there are no wrong or right ideas, we only have "proactive ideas"... "Productive ideas" etc.

3. Don't be stuck to the old way of doing things. Be innovative, be ingenious, be creative and be solution oriented. This about what to do about a problem rather than what not to do about the problem. You may get stuck on this has been happening for years and we have been fine.

This singular mindset can ruin any organization because there are improved ways of doing things... The world is evolving, people and business are evolving so should your ideas and strategy evolve in other to thrive.

4. Think about customer/ user experience.
When you approach a meeting having your customers at the top of the agenda, you have successfully started the meeting on a good note.
This is not only a solution technique, it is something you can use to develop numerous ideas, stir conversations at meetings, at presentations at interviews.
a. What do customer wants?
b. What would they like to experience?
c. What are their reviews and feedback.

5. Make sure you are thinking about yourself last. Don't think about what is easy and what you think is right but of course doesn't mean you cannot discuss ways in which your work can be more efficient but more importantly let the customers be at the top of your agenda.


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