How To Avoid Career Mistakes

Most people start to reconsider their choices of career around age 38 according to findings.

You probably feel this way about your career choice too or may have noticed it among people within this age group.

They start to question their choices of career, the professional route they took but it is usually too late to change at such an age especially in this part of the world.

One way to avoid this is to start by doing the following:

1. Follow your passion. Find your passion and ask yourself; "What are my interests?"... What do I like to do but more importantly, look at it from a broader perspective.

For example; Do I love machines? That way you have several options of robotics engineering,  mechanical etc.
Do I love people? That way, making a choice that has to do with people becomes easier.

2. Take professional steps ASAP. Avoiding mistakes in your career is a decision you should start early in your career.
The importance of this is that it helps you determine on time if that route is really for you and if you may have to change gears.

For example; You think you love accounting and you have just graduated... It is important that you start your ICAN or ACCA on time upon graduation or as an undergraduate to see all what accounting entails. 
This will make it easier to change gears if you do not find joy in it.

Note that you have to actually think, find your passion and search deeply so that you don't keep jumping ships.

3. The last but most important one is like number one above and that is; ''find love in what you do''. Are you solving problems for people, are you helping your country as a force or are you just a butler? There is always joy in every job and you must find that love.

For example; if you work in an engineering firm but you do not love assembling but you love engineering nonetheless, then you could show interest in some other parts of engineering like sales, business development or human resources.

There is always something you can love about your job. Find it.

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