How To Appear Valuable To HR Or Recruiter During Interviews

Out of a million applications, a hundred thousand shortlisted candidates for aptitude test and a thousand invited applicants, the goal of every job seeker is to stand out right?.

To think that after going through the maze of applying and writing tests then I should talents be recognized for my talent by these human resource administrators.
One way to achieve this is to ensure that you appear valuable to the recruiter and get a space for yourself in the company. Very powerful but simple tips you don't have to ignore:

1. Appear confident. One way to do this is:
# Smile.
# Dress smart.
# Seat properly. Will be sharing some etiquette of seating in another post.
Every recruiter likes professionalism and charm.

2. Go with a pen and note pad. This shows:
# That you are organized.
# Detailed.
# A good listener.
# Problem solver.
Every employer wants a detailed and organized person.

3. Discuss things in a more practical way by:
# Talking about examples.
# How you have been able to lead a team in your own life.
# How you were able to solve certain problems.
Every recruiter wants a practical employee.

4. Answer questions with gestures.
# Lean forward to show something is important.
# Cup your palms and lift in up a little to describe things.
# Nod your head to show you are listening.
Every HR wants someone who is a good speaker and a listener.

5. Talk about your achievements in your former job using figures.
# How a project you led brought 50% increase in customer confidence.
# How numbers are very important to you.

6. Talk about how reliable using these tricks:
# Tell them you will deliver in your first three months.
# Tell the recruiter he or she can count on you.
Every HR wants a challenging employee.

7. Ask questions.
You must show that you are a thinker, a conversationalist and someone who engages.

There are a lots more about your qualifications, getting the right degree, the right certifications that will make you irresistible but this is just a general overview for everyone.

A. Having the recruiter right degree:
During job vacancies, there are usually specification of degrees needed. Sometimes applicants are asked for First degrees or a combination of both.

B. Have the right class:
As above, sometimes the could ask for 2:1 or first class. It is imperative that you follow instructions so as to avoid being treated unfairly.

C. The right discipline.
Same as above.

D. Extra qualifications:
If you have extra certifications and qualifications for a job, you immediately stand out of all applicants. The reasons are because it shows you are actually passionate about that career part and that you are a knowledge seeker.

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