HMRC Tax Specialist Programme 2016 Recruitment Stages

This post would be very brief. Out of respect for some of our readers who just mailed us, I am going to help with some info that could be useful.
One of the things that actually separate a success to a failure apart from opportunity is the "Almighty Information".

You look and sound bright, you excel and stand out simply because of certain information you are opened to.

You could bookmark this page because if will be updated as soon as we have more info.So yes, the program is real and it will be a good opportunity for those whose career part is actually, tax, audit or accounting generally. Its like having an experience with McKinsey.

So here goes:
1) It is opened to European Economic Area (EEA) nationals, including British citizens, Commonwealth citizens etc.

2) There are a number of different stages of the application and it is designed to test the following so be careful when filling the application:

a) Decision making skills
b) Communication skills.
c) Ability to work within a team.
d) Preparation and organization
e) Analytical skills
f) Customer experience.

3) Once approved, you will be moved to the to the next stage of the process, the HMRC aptitude tests. Please get a good internet connection.
There are four different online tests that you will take in the HMRC graduate scheme application process. These tests are provided to HMRC by a company called Kenexa. In order to ensure that you do well on these tests you could find a way to practice.

a) Civil Service Initial Selection Test - The SIFT test
b) HMRC Numerical Reasoning Test
c) HMRC Verbal Reasoning Test
d) HMRC Work Style Questionnaire
e) HMRC Deductive Reasoning Test
f) HMRC Online Analytical Skills Test

Thank you starts if you go past two stages. It is however worth it if you consider the current recession in Nigeria.

Will update more shortly.

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