First Bank 2016 Recruitment Stages

First bank Nigeria is second to none in Nigeria. In the category of Citi bank, GTBank, Stanbic IBTC and Standard chartered, First bank seem to be holding to torch in terms of longevity, financial strength and staff retention.

Now this is not an absolute "informed" information, but you! the reader as well... know and would agree that it is thinly rare to hear First bank downsizing, retrenching, proposing to investors for funds amongst other things. If we don't work with them, at least we hear about all of it in the news.

Lets be honest, who wouldn't want to work with this financial organization?. We know there has been a recent swing of opinion about bank jobs from the 80s to the 90s that has been bedeviled with economic recession, financial incapability, control and mergers. Some done by Soludo and some by our new Emir - former CBN gov.
However, what safe job is there in the world?, except for building your own business and following your dreams. On a lighter note however, I am always of the opinion that your work ethics on the job will always be the last coin without which your purse would be entirely empty.

So here goes what you should know about their recruitment process:

1) The recruitment examination would probably be conducted by Dragnet.

2) The number of applicants would be so monumental as usual that it will become hard for them to select candidates other than raise the cut off.
3) The selection process may take around 4 weeks to 2 months.
4) During the selection, HR may screen for grade and where necessary experience.
5) Interviews at First bank are usually tough so you have to know what stuff you are made of
6) The first interview is with the HR personnel. There is a second interview where you meet with managers from the dept you will work with. A panel interview precisely.
7) After been successful at this two stages then you do medicals.

Likely interview questions:

a) Tell us about yourself, walk us through your resume
b) Kindly describe an experience where you work in a team and what impact you made.
c) Why did you chose banking? .i.e if your course is not banking related.
d) Most importantly, First bank asks a scenario based question. E.g, "How will you handle a situation if a colleague rough handles you or maybe slap you?".

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