DPR Recruitment 2016 Stages

DPR Recruitment 2016
DPR just rolled out their recruitment for this year and most of us have probably applied. What we do not know is that; it is important that accurate information is stored on your profile before applying. Dates, certificates, secondary school and primary school leaving certificates must all match. If you have not applied, then be careful. If you are able to edit then do so. That is, verify again before submitting. This is important to avoid not being selected.

I hope we are not thinking erroneously that there would be human interaction in the recruitment selection considering the millions of applicants who have applied. It's the reason why we are saying be careful. If you think so then read this; How HR Administrators filter large bank of Resumes.

However, the below is what you should know;

1) To encourage us, they usually take around 250 successful applicants. Try and get your application right. The toughest part is being called.
2) Their recruitment in one of the longest in Nigeria. Very long and I mean that. Maybe this would be better but the last one I think took over a year.
3)To encourage us again, they pay more than the ever amazing NNPC.
4) Eraproserve, a consulting firm conducted their last exams so if you are privy to the type of exams they set then good luck. We are not sure if they would be the same consultant for this recruitment but be aware that the eventual engaged consultant will determine the nature of exam.
5) The last aptitude test were based on Geography and physics. It was too technical!. Integration. Differentiation etc. It is the most difficult exam you would probably write.

6) The test is basically  more academic than aptitude.
7) Try and go with lunch and dinner.

Exam question example;
"If everybody at a party shook hand with each other, and there was a total of 66 handshakes. How many people attended the party?".

The stages are;
a) A very tough aptitude test.
b) Oral interview.
c) Verification of successful candidates by the FCC (Federal Character Commission).
d) Release of appointment letters to successful candidates.

Good luck!. and kindly share.

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  1. Nice one. Does Eraproserve has a website or test questions?

  2. Any stage of recruitment for lulubookreview.com was a nightmare for me. After all I got the position and I love my job, but I'm too stressful for long interviews.